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House of the Infirm

Cancer Schmancer! All the Galloways have colds and it's kicking our collective butts. I am confident we will all be on the mend soon and then we will have the gigantic plastic bubble installed over our house.
Gary will be going into GBMC on Wedneday for round three of Chemo. He'll be out on Friday and hopefully it will not knock him down too much (It's not supposed to affect his counts significantly)
We're still awaiting results of the genetic testing on the 4 possible donors. Hopefully we will hear something soon so we can formulate our plans for the summer.
Gary is hopelessly addicted to the TV show "24" with Kieffer Sutherland and has been renting last season's episodes from Blockbuster (the wait for them to arrive from NetFlix is just too long.) I am just about to leave on said Blockbuster run to rent more episodes of "24" and see if I can rustle up some subs for dinner. We are in need of comfort food around here.
Type at 'cha soon!


Posted by: Marcy on Apr 21, 03 | 6:12 pm | Profile


C'mon Marce... get his ass in gear. The NFL Draft is Saturday and Goldberg is back on WWE Sunday night. This is the laziest, sports-related weekend of the year and the boy needs to be ready to sit in front of the television for 48 hrs.

Posted by: colossus on Apr 24, 03 | 11:25 am

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