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My cold continues

It took a plane ride to Seattle to get me my first cold in about a year. It has moved a bit into my chest. My friend David is convinced it is SARS :-).

Spoke to Dr. Cohen, he called in a prescription for some antibiotics. I will not go into the hospital on Monday. Maybe mid week when I am feeling better. Marcy is starting to feel sick. She is currently taking Libby to the Dr. Libby has been puking all week. Patrick's butt eruptions seemed to have simmered down. They should quarentine the house!

I will more than likely be staying home for Easter--resting.

Mom is over watching Patrick. He is playing in the car with them. He can, somewhat safely, climb out of he car and jeep's windows and make it to the ground. I was impressed!.

Talk to you soon,



Posted by: Gary on Apr 19, 03 | 11:44 am | Profile


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