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All quiet on the GBMC front

Fairly quiet day. Energy levels seem down even though I slept like a champ. I have developed hiccups from the steroids. Stange.
Marcy and the kids came by day. Patrick and I were racing through the hallways in the wheelchair. He liked that!

Most of my free family has the flu so visitors have been low key which I think is good. My parents have no clue what to really say and I can imagine being in their shoes. All I can do is remind them of the odds and the things I have going on for me. I still need to keep the focus on me. Easy to say .

I got my third Chemo hit this evening then will have 4 days off. Physiologically that seems better. Even though it does not hurt it is still a weird feeling getting that crap injected into me. But in some strange way, the chemo are the marines we are sending in so more power to them.

Cindy at work is going to help me organize a general blood drive. Even though the blood would not go to me, it would greatly help the Red Cross. I will be the recipient of many transfusions in the future so any help to that organization would be amazing. It is saving my life. So those that are interested, stay tuned and I will post up some info.

Off to bed.


Posted by: Gary on Jan 30, 03 | 3:02 pm | Profile


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