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The enemy has a name

Uneventful so far this morning. I feel fine. Still waiting for the heart test.

Got the MUGA test which makes sure my heart is moving blood well. It will serve as a baseline as I will need this test later to measure any heart damage from the chemo.

So, waiting on Dr. Cohen to stop by. He did yesterday but I had a ton of folks in the room so he did not go into much. I will get the details this evening. I should be starting chemo shortly.

10:10 PM

Well, my Enemy has a name:

Philadelphia Positive, Acute Lymphoid Leukemia typed as pre-B-Cell

The doctor spent some time with Marcy and I this evening. The prognosis game is already becoming hard to grapple with. The Phila. Chromosome translocation is giving us some un needed problems. But, it is what it is. I am officially starting Chemo now. They gave me some pre meds to help w/ the nausea. The drill, I think is that I will get this chemo and potentially be home in 2 to 3 weeks. Then on a outpatient basis, continue to receive chemo. With ALL, I will need to receive chemo in my spine and brain. The tests were clear from my lumbar tap but this is pre emptive. So, once this is done, I will more than likely be in a short remission. The next course is where things get a little unclear. Given the Phila. Chromosome, there is a good chance things will come back. Because of this, a pre emptive bone marrow transplant will be needed more than likely. This essentially is chemo times 10. Since the marrow nuke is so thorough, I then need to have marrow but back in. This may come from me (harvested when I am in remission), from my children's cord blood that we collected (thank God), my sister (if matched) or a donor (20% donor match chance). This is all contingent that John Hopkins will accept me into a transplant program. Dr. Cohen said this is way to far out to be worrying about so I will take his advise.

So, another sad evening but the odds a clearly in my favor and I strangely have a great outlook. Hopefully, this continues and I can concentrate on kicking some ass.

I should start feeling bad on Thursday. Marcy and the kids are coming over tomorrow so that will be awesome. I have not seen Patrick in a week.

Chemo will start around 10:30



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