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Philadelphia Freedom...right!

I am feeling pretty awesome today; not that I really felt bad since I was admitted. I am suppose to get the critical type results today which will dictate my treatment and give me some statistical sense of my chances. Cure is a lofty term when it comes to leukemia. I can lead a pretty fulfilling life and not be cured. Certainly, I am going for the cured side of things but I am one not to be too greedy .
Marcy is coming over w/ Libby (my 12 week old girl) who I have not seen in a week. Patrick should hopefully come by on Tuesday. He has the flu and we wanted to make sure he was over it.

Got some preliminary results from Dr. Cohen. I have acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL). Children mostly get this type (70%). Dr. Cohen said this is good news (read better prognosis). I am NULL for T-Cell and B-Cell which is also good. They are still waiting on several cytogenetic tests. One that did come back positive is for the Philadelphia Chromosome. This is not good (worse when kids have this, a little more unclear the real impact for adults). I did some preliminary digging and the Philadelphia Chromosome is a translocation of genes between chromosomes. Translocation (cob-webs coming down from my genetics classes in college) is one of the main reasons for the genetic diversity in humans. This is a translocation that resulted in producing the leukemic cells. (I will clean up this technical explaination as I refresh my memory then spin it down to the layman).

ALL is a leukemia that can get into the cerebal functions (brain, spinal column). Because of that, I had to get a Lumbar Puncture where the pull out 10 ccs of spinal fluid to send to the lab. That test was not too bad. I saw the 6 inch needle afterwards. Yshhhhh.

One of the chemo drugs I will be getting is tough on the heart. They are ordering a MUGA (sp?) scan to test my cardiac output as a baseline. That should happen on Tuesday morning. I will be starting chemo on Tuesday after the Nuclear Medicine test on my heart. Let the games begin.

My posse was over most of this afternoon. They hooked me. Rewired the hospital TV so my XBox would work. Got me a universal remote so I can actually turn off the damn TV without surfing to channel 0 when I am at channel 6 (1 way surfing). Bad user interface design . We watch the scorpion king last night which was pretty decent. Gran had brought by a little people play set for when Patrick comes over--hopefully on Wednesday.


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