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The calm before the storm.

I am getting back the final test results which will type the Leukemia that I have. This directly relates to the type of chemotherapy I will get as well as the prognosis. The have a cyto-geneticist look at the chromosomes of the screwed up cells. They are looking for genetic markers that statistically map to prognosis data. I guess the good thing w/ Leukemia is that there has been a ton of money and research thrown at it so that bodes well for me in 2003.

Not much else going on today. Did bills over the Internet. I ran a wire over to the far wall which had an outside line. When my wife gave birth here at GBMC, they had CAT 5 drops in the room. I am not so lucky this time.

Started prepping for 2003 tax returns. Fortunately we did a 3rd quarter run through with the accountant so it should just be an update of the real numbers.

Good turn out for the Super Bowl party. I have clearly established myself as the dominant and favorite patient of the nurses on the oncology floor. Mission accomplished. I feel I can never get too much attention . The game itself was ho-hum. Not really routing for either team. The commercials were entertaining. The Rebok commercial with Mr. Tate was excellent. Had some good chow. Dave and Jim stayed late so we just screwed around. My nurse, Pat, was shooting the shit with us as well while knocking back some wings. She was wondering where the Keg was.

I got some quality sleep last night now that I have my own pillows from home and my Geek-Sheet blanket.


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