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My first surgery

No food or water after midnight. Since it is Saturday, my surgery time was a moving target. I will be coming back to my new room. GBMC has several rooms for folks that will be here a long time. The room is positively pressurized to keep out the Germs.

They gave me a bag of platelets in prep for the surgery. My counts are all critically low now although I feel pretty damn good. Makes you wonder if there is sick Garry Gallaway running around while I am in the hospital .

They sent for my at 1:15. Got upstairs in pre-op and got to watch TV for 1.5 hours. Finally got in for my first surgery ever around 3 or so. Interesting experience. They got me all hooked up started the IV. Quick injection and the next thing I am waking up while the Dr. is messing with something on my chest. I proceeded to say he is the man and tell him I am getting him a gift certificate to Bluestone since he has done the inaugural surgery on me. I guess I got on his nerves enough and I was back out. I thought he shot the Anesthetist a stare Next, I wake up and the staff is peeling things off of me and out to recovery. They got Marcy to come back. We hung out for a little and a craving started—pancakes. It is close to 6 by now so Marcy takes off to the Towson Dinner….Pancake dinner. Nysh. Chowed on food. The Hickman thing is pretty cool. It allows things to be given and taken from me at will aseptically (clean) with no more needle pricks. I got my next dose of Antibiotics. Screwed around on the computer for a few hours…making lists for Marcy and myself, organizing my thoughts, etc. We are having a super bowl party in my new room so that will be cool. Looking forward to the new MJ/Gatorade commercial. Well, passing out at 12:30 now that they hung more antibiotics and took my vitals.


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