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A day of tests

Drew more blood for labs. Stayed on Antibiotics. Drank some more contrast stuff in anticipation of my CAT Scan at 7:00. That did not happen until 9:30 or so. Dr. Cohen did the bone marrow biopsy around 8:45. That sucked big time. Being young, the bone was tough. Being big, lots of tissue to numb and not enough time . That being done, early results would come in late in the day. Blood lab results came back. Most things got worse except for the platelet count. 2 packets of blood was ordered. Dr. Cohen’s PA did a fly by and in so many words, said I have Leukemia. They are still running tests but all intel is pointing to that. Dr. Cohen confirmed this around 6:00. Went over that they still need to type it which will dictate the course of treatment. However he gave us the overview which I will spare the details until I get better intel. It sounds truly shitty with varying chances of recovery. Let the games begin. On tap for Sat… a Chest Catheter (Hickman?) for easy administration of drugs and pulling of blood for frequent tests/counts.

Tone and Approach change. Now that I am caught up on the Journal, I will try to give a more personal account of things—interjecting levity to the situation as needed for readability and sanity

It was a very sad night for me. I had picture of my kids up that I ultimately took down for now. Lots of crap to think about that spans all emotions. So writing about my experiences seemed like a decent enough idea to occupy some time and keep me more on the sane side of things. Talked to a good friend of mine at midnight which gave me a shot in the arm.


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