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Cancer confirmed and I am admitted

Met Dr. Cohen’s PA. She did the initial exam. Noted my bad lab results out of the gate. Anemia, low platelet count and low White Blood Count. Surprised that I had no “symptoms” except a fever (100.4). After some waiting, Dr. Gary Cohen appeared. The gist…I have some bone marrow disease (read cancer). I have poor labs and need to be admitted immediately. He walk Marcy and I over to admitting and was signed in to the GBMC Oncology Ward around 4:00. They ordered a bunch of additional blood tests—cultures and a cross ref for blood. They order platelets from the Red Cross and started me on Antibiotics. I was getting some Tylenol for minor hip pain. Got my IVs and I was set. Long, stressful day. On tap for tomorrow was a CAT scan to check out my spleen and a bone marrow biopsy. Drank some Gatorade contrast stuff for the CAT scan


Posted by: Gary on Jan 23, 03 | 7:00 am | Profile


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