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The C Word

Marcy woke up vomiting and a “hit by a truck day”. Not sure what was going on but determined it was a 24 hour flu with some generally neck issues. Sucked big time for Marcy. We got Hannah to baby sit Patrick in the morning. Marcy ran Libby up to Gran’s. Marcy took me to Dr. Codd to go over the results of the MRI. He pulled us in and gave us the not so good news…very abnormal MRI in the marrow. The write up had all kinds of junk about cancer, lesions. Dr. Codd made some calls to the main GBMC oncologist, Dr. Gary Cohen. Dr. Codd wrote a prescription for some stronger Pain Medicine (Dilawton sp??) We went down to his office immediately. He ordered up some preliminary blood work which we went and drew right away. Made an appointment for the next day at 2:00. Got home and decided I needed to get off the pain killers. Also called Gran to come get the kids since Marcy was quite ill and I was useless. Took my second and final Dilawton at 10.


Posted by: Gary on Jan 22, 03 | 7:00 am | Profile


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