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Enough is enough

8:30 Appt. w/ Dr. Codd. I indicate that this is unacceptable and something is not right. He agrees and orders an MRI which he is able to get at 8:00 PM. Orders me up Prednisone. I cancel my flight back to Jacksonville. I do a fly by RDA but can barely walk. I turned in my expense reports and some docs from Alex Reyzin (team member on the Alltel project). Brutal ride home. Laid in Bed. Marcy was able to get the Pain Medicine but the prednisone was not in stock in one place and the Giant was a long wait. She left the prescription there to be filled later. While out I wondered downstairs to see the kids and some friends that were over with there kids. Very cool but I was in intense pain. Heading back up when Marcy got home. I tried everything to handle the pain but could not do it. When our guests left, I asked Marcy to take me to the emergency room. Sue picked up the kids and took them to Gran’s We went to GBMC, which is where the MRI is suppose to be but there was a 4 plus hour wait. Headed over to St. Joes. Quick check in but waited 4 hours before I finally got a shot to ease the pain. Took some more Percocet and headed over to the MRI appointment which were able to move to 9:30 give the ER delays. The MRI went pretty well. I was doped up pretty good. Got some Wendy’s afterward and then got the kids. Also, we called Megan to pick up my Prednisone. St, Joe gave me a starter does of 8 tablets. Said start w/ the packet as directed.


Posted by: Gary on Jan 20, 03 | 7:00 am | Profile


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