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Hopkins confirms my parents are my parents

Through complex and cuting edge genetic testing and screening, Hopkins told me that my parents typing indicates that they are BOTH Haploid matches--read, half matches and my biological parents. Whewww! I have always wondered. I could have saved them a few thousand dollars.

No news on my two domestic friends or my two Kraut brothers.

Getting ready for the Hutch meeting.


Posted by: Gary on Apr 15, 03 | 10:32 am | Profile


Jesus... I can't get out of the office long enough to keep track of you two. Let us know when you are back, since we've got a Pizza Johns embargo on without you.

Posted by: colossus on Apr 15, 03 | 1:22 pm

Gary - since you only came up with four matches, should we all get typed to see if we're a match? I know the odds are slim, if they only came up with four from thousands of names, but it couldn't hurt.

Posted by: Katie in VA on Apr 17, 03 | 9:22 am

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