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Mariners Win and the Sun was out!

What a great day. Perfect weather. We took a cool tour of the Seattle Underground. The Underground was formed when Seattle got started as a city back in the late 1800's and burnt down. Basically they built up the city 1 floor (10 feet or so) because of flooding and sewage problems (why not redo things better after the fire). The new problem was that the store owners would not wait for the city to raise the topography so the built their new stores out of brick. The city still raised the streets 10 feet. To keep the stores intact, the built 10 foot walls where the curbs would be. The result was a underground sidewalk in front of the original 1st floor of the stores. The story is quite elaborate and interesting. Very cool tour. Here is the link

We took a ferry out to Bainbridge Island. 30 minute ride. Amazing views from the ferry. Snow capped mountains in the distance. I will get some pictures up when I get back. The town itself was OK. Man would I love some of the waterfront houses though!

Got tickets to the Mariners game from the Seattle Cancer Alliance. Great seats. Very cool stadium--retractable roof. The Mariners won.

Quesiton of the day. "What brings you to Seattle?" I responed "Cancer " I figure why not shoot straight. The overwhelming response is that the "Hutch" is the place to be. I hope so!

Had a message from Hopkins. It was too late to call them back. Not sure if we have any of the results back from my 4 possible matches. Fingers crossed.

Went to a barber shop and got my head shaved today. Pretty neat being a baldy. The barber said I look much tougher now .

We meet the Dr. at 11:15 AM. Hopefully I would have spoken to Hopkins by then so we have more of the cards on the table.

I will post any info I get tomorrow. See Ya.


PS, I will let Marcy proof this on Tuesday at some point


Posted by: Gary on Apr 15, 03 | 12:15 am | Profile


Gary, you were the topic of conversation at the lunch table today (PHH, Hunt Valley) but don't get too heady over it, it was but a passing moment. Seattle was mentioned so I thought I'd check it out..."PHH spouses" Chris Gorman and Joe Donovan happened to be here... Our pal Lynn Galitzin (does Marcy remember Lynn?) ambled over and commented on the unusual level of testosterone at the table. We look forward to you and Marcy coming in for a fab PHH lunch sometime soon (we'll treat you!), and promise just the extra special best of soup and other prepared foods. At least the frozen yogurt is good.

Posted by: Susan Stiles on Apr 15, 03 | 4:06 pm

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