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Seattle Bound

We just finalized plans today to visit the Fred Hutchinson Care Center in Seattle, Washington for a second opinion/approach to Gary's necessary bone marrow transplant. Apparently "The Hutch" is "The Place" (We haven't yet located "The Starsky", but we are sure it must exist somewhere, but what they might do there is a mystery)We fly out on Sunday morning and have an appointment to meet with a physician on Tuesday and then we return to Baltimore on Wednesday. Hopefully what we need is right down the street at Hopkins, but if not, we may be spending the spring and summer in Seattle. Whatever it takes...
Gary is feeling fairly well this week -- just a persistent upset stomach and general sleepiness.
Tonight we are meeting Nan and Peter out in Federal Hill to take a tour of their new bar! It's to be called The Royal and we will be shamelessly plugging it once it opens (hopefully soon!) then we're grabbing a bite for dinner. Site to be determined by Nan.
Kids are well -- Libby is currently draining a bottle on my lap while I am typing with one hand. Patrick is watching "The Street" (Sesame Street to you non-kid types)
We'll type at you soon!


Posted by: Marcy on Apr 09, 03 | 3:43 pm | Profile


Marcy, GO GIRL! That is what I call multi-tasking (in charge of toddler and infant and typing away ;-) ... I particularly can relate to lunch at the senior hour and got a chuckle :-) Much love and prayers to you and Gary! Lisa Marianelli

Posted by: Lisa Marianelli on Apr 10, 03 | 12:55 pm

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