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A walk in the park

No really, Marcy, the kids, Karen, Kevin and I took took a walk in Rocky Point State Park today. It was quite nice out. A little windy on the water. Mostly my marching orders were to keep the 2 kids from killing themselves on the jungle gym. Within 5 seconds of Patrick getting on, he tumbled backwards, down two steps and into the mulch. Although Patrick was perfectly fine, I was fired from my post .

Patrick approached a girl with a ball. Maybe she was 4. She immediately screamed, "THE BALL IS MINE!", and ran off. In that short lesson, Patrick now says, "MINE, MINE". We have failed as parents . I should have took the girl out when Patrick spotted her. I knew she would cause problems.

We all grabbed some lunch at a local place. Lunch was a chore becasue the kids were fired up and we were invading the secret elderly world of the Senior Discount Lunch. Couple that with screaming kids and we were quickly not the popular table. Hey, screw 'em. They want to complain, have them sit with me for a few minutes to listen to my "perspective talk" .

Head back to GBMC Friday for a shot of Procrit to keep the RBCs juiced up.

(I am looking into a spell check add on for the site. Marcy is not too happy with my proof reading. Since I do not proof reaad at all, I can understand her point.)


Posted by: Gary on Apr 03, 03 | 1:35 pm | Profile


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