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Christmas Eve 2003

The children are nestled all snug in their beds... Well, it will most definitely be Christmas at Hopkins this year. The aforementioned plan for Christmas day will be enacted and life will proceed. It would have been great to have Gary home on ANY day, not just Christmas.
Gary's nose continues to bleed on and off (especially when he coughs or vomits, which makes his nose bleed, and the blood collect in his stomach, insuring more nausea, etc.) They did another follow up CAT scan of his chest and now feel that the previously undescribed gunk in the lower part of his lungs might be fungal pnuemonia. They are treating it with a new drug, whith side effects of nausea, chills, fever. Hmmm.
I took the kids to church tonight -- crazy children's service-- and met up with my Mom and Grandparents and cousin. Also the amazing Krista Kulczycki who has become our most-of-the-time nanny and babysitter extrordinaire. Her father is the pastor at our church and Krista and her sisters have been a blessing to us and our children with all their help and genuine love for our children. I did not succeed in sending out Christams cards yet, but let's call them Holiday cards and if that doesn't work out, maybe New Year/ Best Winter Wishes cards. Let me tell you, that the kids looked beautiful in their Christmas get-ups, especially our girl Libs. Black velvet jumper complete with red wool coat with fur trim on the collar and cuffs. AND the matching wool hat with fur trim. And the required black patent leather Mary-Janes. I will get their picture and try to post it on the site (or include it in the Festivus Cards). She was the belle of the ball and she knew it.
So all is quiet here on the homefront and Gary contiunes his heroic fight on the front lines. I think we will just need some more time to resolve the many things going on with him right now. And we have as long as it takes.

Dash away, dash away, dash away all---



Posted by: Marcy on Dec 24, 03 | 8:45 pm | Profile


Sounds like you got your children in bed before we did. Jarrett was up past midnight. Kevin is passed out holding on to one of his new trucks from Poppy. Merry Christmas! We'll talk to you soon!

Posted by: K. Zarubaiko on Dec 24, 03 | 11:41 pm

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