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'twas the night before the night before Christmas

So... Gary's still an inpatient at Hopkins. Still battling on again, off again fevers, and constant nausea/vomiting. His nose is still intermittently bleeding from the sinus biopsy from last week, and he's gained 10 pounds from fluid retention. Here's some better news: In the continuing search for the culprit causing all this sickness and fever, Gary had a MRI done on his brain last night to make sure there wasn't any inflammation of the membranes or any bleeding going on. That checked out OK and then the docs had a spinal tap done to rule out any disease (infection, leukemia) in his central nervous system. That checked out normal as well. No bad news there. Current therories being raised on what is causing Gary's illness: viral infection affecting the liver, or remanants of the initial blood infection he had last week still being processed by the liver. Or effects from the Gleevec/Interferon drug regimine. But his liver enzymes have become "normal" enough so that he can now take Tylenol again to help combat any future fevers.
It does not look like he will not be sprung in time to be home for Christmas, but we have a plan for that, and I feel strongly that if you have a plan, then things will be OK. Besides, our children are young enough not to realize that Santa Claus doesn't bring EVERYONE'S toys to the hospital. We will have a GREAT morning together and there will be wrapping paper and chaos everywhere.
We are in the season of Christmas miracles, so there's still a chance that Gary could make it home, but we're very realistic people. We're keeping our eye on the prize -- and that is that for all this craziness we're going through right now(and for the last month), Gary's leukemia seems to be in check and his numbers are stable.
More tomorrow---


Posted by: Marcy on Dec 23, 03 | 8:30 pm | Profile


Christmas is where, when and how you make it! Enjoy the time together and throw all the paper on Gary and Patrick! Don't let Libby eat the paper.

We are thinking about you and look forward to seeing you when the craziness gets better.

ps. Kevin is missing his only friend, Patrick.

Posted by: K. Zarubaiko on Dec 24, 03 | 9:09 am

Have a Merry Christmas no matter where it is celebrated having your family together is all you need. BTW, Excellent job with the postings of late.

Posted by: Cindy on Dec 24, 03 | 10:22 am

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