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Can you say 103.8?

I am in radio station territory. They iced me down a hour ago and got 3 tylenol. I broke a sweat and got hungry (have not eaten since Sat.) and a desire to make this entry. The fever spiked at 103.8 but it is now down to 102.4. For the gory details, I got ice packs in my groin area (III-EEEEE), under my arm pits and on the back of my neck.

Waiting for the 9:30 temp. If it is under 102 then I can lose the packs.


Posted by: Gary on Mar 31, 03 | 8:26 pm | Profile


Ice packs on the groin area. Yikes. I believe the street term for this procedure is a Chilly Willie :-)

Posted by: Mike Lynch on Apr 02, 03 | 2:42 pm

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