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Still an Inpatient

Gary is still fighting off high fevers and vomiting. We don't know the source of the fevers -- his blood cultures are all negative for infection, so it might just be the effects of the Interferon, although he hasn't had a shot since Friday night... The vomiting/nausea is still a big problem, and Gary needs IV anti-nausea drugs before he attempts to take his pills. He is keeping them down, but it is constant struggle. Tomorrow (Monday) Gary will have a CAT scan of his brain, and a spinal tap to see if this uncovers any more clues as to why he is still so sick on the stomach. They will also look for any signs of the leukemia in his spinal fluid. That could also be a contributing factor to the nausea and high fevers. They can't give him Tylenol because his liver enzymes have been elevated (Tylenol is hard on the liver), but his enzyme levels did come down today, which is good. But still no Tylenol for the fevers.
He also has some mild pneumonia-like stuff in his lungs -- they are already treating him with broad spectrum antibiotics, anti-fungals, and anti-virals, so that should cover any developing lung issues. Gary did manage to take a couple of laps around the unit today to get his muscles and lungs moving.
I am anxious about tomorrow's tests, but we need all the information we can get to continue to wage an effective war.
Kids are asleep -- they were at Mom's for the day. I had to extract Patrick out from under his bunkbed at Mom's where he had fallen asleep. Libby, the sensible one, was sleeping on the mattress IN her crib. She now says, "thank you", "here", and "boo!". Galloween is deep in her blood.

I'll keep everyone updated on the results tomorrow.

And to all a good night---


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