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Week Summary

OK. Here's the summary/checklist of things that are fixed vs. things that are still broke:

Jaw/teeth pain: gone
Blood Infection: clear
High Fevers: Gone
Nausea: somewhat better

New Issue: It looks like Gary has a slow leak in his gut somewhere. They are finding blood in his stool and it looks like he may be bleeding from somewhere in his gut. The docs don't want to scope him, because it will cause more harm/trauma than good. The plan is to give Gary lots of platelets to help stop the bleeding and to give him red blood as needed. They have his platelet count up to 66,000 by this morning (he got a bag of platelets every 8 hours yesterday and overnight.) He feels like he is personally depleting the blood supply in the Mid-Atlantic region, so if you can donate blood or platelets we would feel less guilty. Thanks.
Hopefully with the help of the platelets, and the rise of his own white blood cells, the "leak" will heal on its own, which it the best scenario for this situation.
He had a much better day yesterday and actually wanted some chicken broth! No great leaps, but progress nontheless.
The kids are being shipped of to assorted grandparents for the weekend, and I will be able to concentrate on getting Gary feeling better.

Love to all--


Posted by: Marcy on Dec 19, 03 | 8:09 am | Profile


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