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I arrive at Hopkins this morning to find all sorts of gowned-up folks in Garys room and Gary telling me "You don't want to be here for this". Some ENT (Ear, nose, throat) docs came to take a tissue biopsy from Gary's sinuses because the CAT scan he had on Sunday showed signs of infection and he spiked another high fever last night and they were afraid he may have a fungal infection up there. Fungus infections in compromised people (like Gary) can be deadly, so they needed a sample of tissue to rule out this possiblity or treat it immediately if it was positive for fungus. You know how Gary said the last bone marrow biopsy was "off the charts"? Well, apparently there's this whole OTHER chart for pain we didn't know about and he experienced it this morning. They could not give him anything to numb the area because it would skew the test results. It was not plesant for me, either.
After the biopsy (which came back negative for fungus. Just a case of regular ol' sinus infection) Gary's nose proceeded to seriously bleed for the better part of the day because his platelet count was so low when they did the procedure. They ended up giving him two bags of platelets to help him clot and a unit of red blood to replace all the blood that he lost today.
He's still needs IV anti-nausea drugs in order to take his pills, but other than throwing up a stomach full of blood (run-off from the sinus biopsy), he was a lot less sick on the stomach.

Wow. This is a really great read, huh?

When I left tonight he was napping comfortably and hopefully things will go well tonight. He does get his shot of Interferon tonight however, and that's always good fun. The big picture is looking stable and I try to stay focused on that when I can. But it's definitely like not being able to see the forest for the trees. And the trees are making him very sick in this analogy. Sycamores, maybe. I'm tired.

This is all going to work out somehow. Don't KNOW how just yet, but I'm not in charge. Gotta remember that.

Did everyone get something to eat?

Love to all---


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