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Back in the Hospital

As you may have been reading, Gary has been very ill for the past week or so. He hasn't been able to keep any food, liquid, or pills down and he has been having muscle pain in his legs and very bad jaw and teeth pain. We have been attempting to treat some of these symptoms at home, unsuccessfully. We recieved a call this morning from Dr. Jones telling us that blood drawn from Gary's central line on Thursday grew up a bug (infection) and Gary had to be admitted. Frankly, I was relieved. It has become very difficult to care for the two little ones and attempt to help Gary with the multitude of problems he was trying to work through. We needed some professionals on the case.

So here we are at Hopkins. They are treating his jaw pain with morphine and that seems to be working. They have also given him intravenous anti-nausea meds which have taken the edge off and have allowed him to sleep for the first time in many days. He has a fever around 102 which is probably from the infection. They are giving him IV antibiotics to fight the bug and when the fever breaks, he will be getting platelets. My main concern is that he has not been able to take his Gleevec for a few days, but with the help of the anti-nausea meds, he should be back on the wagon again. We will also need to re-start the Interferon shots soon.

More info tomorrow when Dr. Jones rounds in the morning. Gary's white cell counts have also risen, so we will need an interpretation of that data, too. The kids are with Mom for tonight and tomorrow, so I am looking forward to getting a good night's sleep as well.

Keep us in your thoughts, and I will report back on Monday with (hopefully) more information.

Love ot all--


Posted by: Marcy on Dec 14, 03 | 7:19 pm | Profile


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