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Still Trucking

The pain, for the most part, has been pretty managble. I am at the full inteferon dose since Monday so we wait and see. I did not get a bone biopsy because it would not change the course of treatment at the moment. The German study seen results in about a 4 week or so period once at the full dosages. I suspect 1st of the year I will get "tapped".

My days are up a down now--compliments of the interferon. We try to run with the good ones but we don't know when they present themselves--then its a logistics scramble to actually get out of the house....nothing new to those that have toddlers.

Thanksgiving was nice. For the first time in history I did not finish my first plate...very sad. I, however, did take a raincheck from the various chefs.

Got a new suit so I am styling and profiling for RDA's holiday party. As always, zero to shit in seconds in this household so fingers are crossed that I will make it this Saturday.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and GO DONS!



Posted by: Gary on Nov 29, 03 | 9:10 am | Profile


Gary, this is Tim Lund, I know I haven't seen you since at least last Xmas and just got the web site from your Mom. Our prayers are with you and it's good to see you seem to have the right attitude. If there's anything we can do to help in any way let me know, after all we Dons have to stick together! Take care, we'll stay in touch.

Posted by: Tim/Mary Lund on Nov 29, 03 | 12:42 pm

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving Gary.

Since I'm living in MI for a year, I won't be at the RDA Holiday party to see you.

We return to MD in July, so I'll be sure to see you at next year's party.

Keep truckin'

Rick McUmber and the family

Posted by: rickm on Nov 30, 03 | 8:36 pm

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