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Here we go again . . .

A long lost friend, the severe right hip pain, reared its head on Friday. It did not quite feel like the Interferon induced joint pain. Friday night it lite up. Popped an Oxycodone. Did not sleep Friday night. Popped another Oxy (fresh supply from Rush), late morning. The pain broke late Saturday afternoon. I have been on limited movement duty so I don't flare things up. Dr. Jones, who I was in contact with on Friday and Saturday says I can't get in on the weekend for a Biopsy. He is fully in the camp that my bones don't shovel sh#t--read...good indicator that something bad is going on.

I have been fairly pain free on Sunday but I can feel it echoing when I walk on sit funny. We are going to reconvene Monday morning to see what the next steps are. I am not sure if a Biopsy even changes the course of treatment if the Leukemia numbers have started to rise. Mentally, if the counts have dropped since the last one, that would be cool but not sure the pain tradeoff of the Biopsy is worth it. Thankfully the pain broke, I only had to take two pain pills and I am still at home. Sweet. The pattern last year for this anniversary pain is that it would come and go....about every 4 to 6 days or if I do something to fire it up.

On the lighter side, we visited a friend from work on Friday who has a boy a little older than Patrick. They played hard and in fact, Patrick's playmate closed the visit headng to the emergency room for a few stiches...the match, fyi, ended in a draw...Patrick had the poundage over the challenger who had the experience and quickness. Round II next month???


Posted by: Gary on Nov 23, 03 | 7:39 pm | Profile


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