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Mon Sep 20, 2004

Regatta Nada and New House Plans

Here's the update on the Leukemia Cup Regatta. Due to Hurricane Ivan the race and the post-party have been postponed until October 8th. The party will still be at Nick's Fish House from 6-10 on that Friday night. Tickets will be available at the door if anyone wants to come and join us. ($60/each or $100/couple) Unfortunately they did not get enough private boat entrants this year, so that part of the race will not go. So, no racing for Team Galloway. I was very disappointed and somewhat frustrated that more effort had not been put forward early on to secure enough private boats to make the race a go. Had it been left to me... but I plan to be a more active participant and organizer for next year's Regatta. (Contrary to my personal thoughts, I cannot control the universe)

The sencond bit of news going on for the Familla Galloway is that I have a contract on a property in Upper Falls, MD The property is 1.2574 miles from my parent's house, where I grew up. The public schools over there are great, and the proximity to family and friends will be greatly improved. The property currently has an 152 year-old farm house on it which I will take down (nobody freak out here--- it is not historically listed and is really BEYOND restoration. I think re-creation would be the best we could do for it, but I don't have the million to throw at it right now.) So, I had to get it properly surveyed, as it has not left the Shutz family in all of those 152 years, then Baltimore County has to approve the septic layout and placement of the new well, then we have to actually drill the new well and hope like crazy for a good return. If I get water, then I will settle on the property sometime in mid-October. So hopefully my next year-and-a-half will be consumed by building a custom home for me, Libby, Patrick, Guinness (dog), Sipowitz (fat cat), and Simone (fraidy cat). Any old-school NYPD Blue fans will get the significance of the cats' names. Gary was a big fan.
We will stay at Rockaway Beach while the new house is being built and then sell it right before we move in (I'm thankful to avoid the displaced/homeless issue with two small children!)
I am trying my hardest to just stay busy -- that seems like the best recovery method for me right now. Life is slowly getting less hard and more "normal", but I still just shake my head in disbelief when I think about they way things have gone for Gary and for me. I always knew I loved Gary, but now that he's gone the weight of that love seems even greater. And I miss the fact that I used to be able to just take advantage of his love for me and I for him. It is so true that you never REALLY understand what you have until it is gone.
My friend Nan is leaving next week for a vacation to Austraila for a month with her husband. Nan is the offical "keeper of Marcy" so we're both concerned about who will entertain me when she's gone. Don't be surprised if some of you get a call out there... I live for distraction.

Love to all and hold on a little longer when you hug someone today.


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